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David Strom
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Principal Ecotoxicologist
Ecotoxicology Laboratory
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GEOTECH is the only laboratory in Australia which routinely performs larval fish growth assays.

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Water and Sediment Quality Assessment Bioassays

When assessing the potential ecological risk from contaminated water and sediment, an understanding of ‘bioavailability’ is essential. Insufficient consideration for bioavailability (i.e. the biological effect relative to the chemical speciation of a contaminant) often leads to unnecessary and expensive remedial action or ineffective environmental management.

GEOTECH’s Ecotoxicology Division routinely assesses water and sediment quality with an emphasis on bioavailability. Using ecologically relevant toxicity tests combined with ultra-trace analytical chemistry techniques, GEOTECH deliver high reliability environmental quality assessments to meet the needs of industry and environmental regulators.

GEOTECH’s range of quality assured toxicity tests include:

* Water quality assessment bioassays can also be performed on sediment porewater and elutriate extracts

Optional toxicity testing with non-standard species and methodologies to suit specific ecosystems is also available.

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